I know it might seem obvious, having a good roofer that makes sense to me. But the title of this blog is why finding the right roofer matters. There are numerous reasons why finding the right roofer matters. Finding a good roofer is fantastic. Someone that can install the roof of your choice and make it look and function correctly. As I see it, that’s the bare minimum. So why finding the right roofer matters is because your situation for replacing the roof might be one of the most important questions that should get asked, inspected, and answered by a professional roofer that understands what all of your options could be. 

For example why finding the right roofer matters is because over the years I have experienced multiple opportunities to inspect several thousand roofs right here in the San Antonio area. While on many occasions I have found during inspections damage. Damage to a roof that could potentially be tied to a specific storm that your insurance company would then potentially reimburse you for. However, because each of our insurance policies are completely unique like our fingerprints. Why finding the right roofer is important is because by finding the right professional you might end up saving yourself thousands of dollars. 

Find out Best Roofer In San Antonio

So it’s important to identify how to find the right roofer. As I have explained I have had the opportunity to stand on several thousand roofs right here in the San Antonio area. I believe that myself and our company represent some of those professionals that I have previously mentioned. Why is that? Well thank you for asking that’s a great question. Listen my friend throughout the years of my experience roofing here in San Antonio I have found roofs that did not have damage. I can honestly tell you that’s not always the case. Often we’re responding to a potential trouble area that our clients are calling us about. Specifically a leak in a roof or the tea stains that you see on your ceiling drywall from the rain that has been accumulating. Identifying the right roofer cannot always be easily done. So what is the method for finding the right roofer for my home or my commercial property? Your first step is to get on Google and type in a couple of keywords roofers near me or if you have a specialty roof like a tile roof tile roofing company San Antonio. Taking the brief overview and perusing through the reviews is a great way to help you decide if you even want to make that first call. You can often find out a lot about a company just by reading the reviews. Not only just reading the reviews but reading the responses from the owner certainly gives you a flavor for the type of individual that you may be potentially working with. It’s important to also note about these reviews some people over the years potentially could leave a bad review for a good roofer. Honestly, it has happened to me in my company. It’s been situations that have been out of our control and the customer felt the need to express themselves negatively. Sometimes these situations are very unfortunate and have very little to do with anything that is within our companies control. So again it’s important to reemphasize there are good roofers out there that have simply been bombarded by someone that felt like they needed to rebuke that company or the individual. So it’s very important to read through these reviews and take them with the grain of salt. Of course if you see a pattern it’s also very important to note that. How the company responds to negative reviews in my opinion can be an opportunity to really show people the class and professionalism that you have. These are some of the first indicators of how I would go about finding the right roofer for my situation. In the reviews you might be looking for specific keywords depending on what your needs are. For example a customer leaves review about a roof repair. I always look for indications from a customer saying something about they came out right away did a great job on the repair and haven’t had any problems. Those are always great things to hear about a company if you’re considering them for a repair on your roof or a complete replacement.

Call Few Roofing Companies in San Antonio

Okay so now it’s time to call a few roofing companies. Nowadays there’s a multitude of ways to contact companies. I’m old-fashioned I like to pick up the phone and call someone. If I have to leave a message making a note of the company that I called and writing the time down so I can see how important I am has always been a lead indicator of the type of company that I’m dealing with. If they’re very nonchalant and have no sense of urgency and don’t call you back by the end of the day, I would tell you I probably wouldn’t work with them. The only exception to that is typically if someone calls me back and says I apologize we’ve been so busy taking care of customers and I’ve been up and down our roofs all day today. I got the message to call you back and I just hadn’t had time yet. My heart goes out to those guys that are sincere about their reason for not calling back immediately. I have been on roofs and San Antonio when it’s very hot and I can understand to some extent. Otherwise to identify how to find the right roofer for you would be to check out social media. Most companies that I consider legitimate companies have some sort of social media presence. Facebook is probably one of the most common places that you can find a business page for a roofing company and potentially contact them through Messenger. If no one’s monitoring their social media I would say that’s an indication that they are not client-centric. What does that mean? It means they’re not checking their Facebook and they’re not trying to make it easy for you to reach out to them to set an appointment for an estimate. Ask if you can have a specific time for the roofer to come out and do the estimate. In some cases they may not be able to set a specific time they may be able to tell you that they can be out on a certain day to do the roofing inspection. However, the roofing companies that are willing to set a specific time so they have the opportunity to meet with you face to face is always a fantastic time to size up not only the company but the individual that you’re working with. This opportunity to meet them face to face is going to give you a gut feeling. Will this person do what they say they will do? These are the questions that constantly go through my mind when I am having face-to-face meetings with people just like a roofer coming to your house to give you an estimate or do an inspection. I can’t imagine you’re much different than me. Spending dollars that ar en’t insured by your insurance company for a roof can be one of the largest expenses you will have for your home. So finding the right roofer should be a priority for yourself. These few suggestions that I’ve offered could be very helpful searching out help for your roofing replacement or roof repair.

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