I don’t have to tell you that the word free is the word that gets most people excited, especially if there are no strings attached. But in this case a free roofing inspection can end up generally saving you money but making you money by taking the time to do it before a major storm hits.

As I’m sure you’re well aware of Texas does things big, and our storms are no exception to that. In 2016, we experienced the greatest insurance loss due to a storm that the entire country’s ever seen.
Many people were caught with their pants down by not having the proper roof inspection prior to that storm. Having a proper roof inspection ensures that your roof has been inspected and documented, so you have visual proof of the condition of your property prior to any weather event that causes you to make a claim.

Why do roofers offer free roof inspections?

Most rivers offer free roof inspections for residential homeowners for free because it’s their opportunity to develop a working relationship with them and the hopes that one day that customer uses them to replace the roof. Typically there are no strings attached in this case. They’re just looking to create goodwill and a relationship with the homeowner. The exception to this is typically a commercial roof inspection. Why is that? Commercial roof inspections come with a greatmber nuer of details that take an exceptionally long time to document. With that said obviously anything that takes time effort and energy typically has a cost involved.
The advantage of getting a free roof inspection is essentially the try before you buy idea when it comes to working with a potential roofing company.
Here’s how it should go down you give the company a call they set a time or give you a date that they will come by and will typically do a visual inspection. This usually includes them putting a ladder to the roof climbing up and inspecting the entire roof and photographing all sides of the roof and the slopes and valleys.
A typical roofing inspection can take anywhere between 15 minutes and up to an hour depending on how detailed the roofing inspection in conversation that ensues follows. Often most roofing companies will provide you with those pictures through an email copy with their letterhead showing visual inspections done through in some cases drone video or high quality 4K pictures.
What you should do next is file this away and plan on doing a yearly roof inspection. Roofs in Texas do require maintenance depending on the materials that your roof is made of. It is highly encouraged to do roofing inspections, especially after any major weather events. Why? The answer should be obvious but if it’s not it’s simply that sometimes roofs will sustain damage that does not readily present a problem through leaking. This typically will progress over a period of time. The time for you to make a claim directly related to a storm event is usually 365 days from that weather event.
By making sure you have developed a relationship with a roofer that you trust and value you will ensure that you have a way to successfully replace your roof when needed. It’s highly recommended again to have a roofing inspection done every year. An annual roof inspection will always ensure a financial stop gap between you having to pay out large some money or the difference between just paying a very minimal deductible.
What happens if you don’t get a roof inspection? It’s a good question if you’re asking it and you should be because it’s always important to know what you don’t know. In most cases if you don’t have a roof inspection you might be able to get away with making a claim and getting it paid for. However, there are hundreds of thousands of horror stories of people that have not documented things correctly and ended up paying large sums of money to get a roof replace. Documentation is your friend and doing it on an annual basis is the only way that you ensure your family is financial security and safety. I highly recommend that you give us a call today for your free roofing inspection.