Okay so full disclosure this isn’t the actual house that saved me $20,000 but I thought it looked funny enough to be a doctor Sue’s home and at least drive home the point that I will make in this short but valuable blog about identifying opportunities that most people would walk away from.

Several years ago I was living in Kansas City before I moved here to Texas. During my time in Kansas I decided to look for a home.  Much like many other people I spent countless hours looking online at remax and all the other competitors for potential homes that were in my budget.
After narrowing down some of the searches based on my budget and criteria I came across an interesting home that looked more like Dr Seuss had something to do with the construction of the roof. It definitely had a fun house appeal to it. Of course the picture in this blog more than amplifies the truth of how bad the roof to the house I bought really was. But nonetheless it demonstrates an important point that I discovered.
That important point that I discovered that I feel obligated to share is that before you buy a home, it’s important to have a roof inspection done. Prior to me buying this home, I ultimately had knowledge on what was wrong with the roof based on my 25 years of experience in the roofing industry.
Here’s what happened and here’s why it’s important for you to grasp this piece of knowledge. The home I was buying was in foreclosure and previously the roof was a shake cedar shingle. Instead of properly removing the cedar shakes, the last homeowner decided to roof over the top of them with asphalt shingle. This gave the appearance of hundreds and hundreds of waves on the roof although small waves it made the house look structurally unsafe to an untrained eye.
However, I saw this as an opportunity to get a brand new roof put on the home. I knew what the local codes were in regard to roofing and this was a clear violation of those housing codes that are well established in so many communities. By bringing up this point to the home lending bank they had no choice but to do a proper tear-off of the entire roof and then re-shingle the roof.
You see so many people just clicked by to the next home and never went through the trouble of understanding what potential there was because it just looked unsightly. Finding that opportunity made me feel great. Saving thousands of dollars and getting a brand new roof was the icing on the cake.
How does this apply to you? Ultimately you might not be in the exact same situation finding a home that has a roof that is unsightly but without any structural damage. If you’re lucky enough to identify a property like that I would still suggest getting a free roofing inspection done by a professional. Although I had good knowledge of the problem myself as a roofer I still didn’t take any chances and had another professional independently come out and do a roof inspection to validate my suspicions. I then was able to take that information and present it to the bank and was easily able to get that new roof put on as a part of the negotiation for the home.
Ultimately I would encourage you to always consider getting a roofing inspection done prior to making an offer on a home. These can be great negotiation tools that are not just tactics but hard facts that you can present logically and without emotion. Having knowledge like this can end up saving you thousands of dollars. My roof was a simple asphalt roof and was nearly $20,000. There are many roofs right here in Texas that cost much more than that. An average tile roof the size of the home that I owned in Kansas City would have been nearly double that amount easily for $1,000 or $45,000. Arm yourself with knowledge always consider that free roofing estimate before you buy a home and annually on your roof or anytime we experience severe weather here.
If you’re looking for a reliable roofer here in Texas please consider giving us a call and using our years of knowledge for your benefit.