I’ve been in roofing now for 25 years and throughout that time I’ve had a number of experiences in this industry some good and some bad.

What I have learned through my experience in this industry is that it is very important to surround yourself with people that know what they’re doing.
I have found varying degrees of people in this industry that know what they’re doing. Everything from expert roofing professionals all the way to the complete opposite.
During this time working in the roofing industry I’ve learned some key and valuable tools when it comes to assessing roofing professionals and the work that they can do.
The number one thing that I have found when it comes to finding a roofing professional that can help is that communication is key. Through my career I have found the most important part of what I do is communicating what I do before I do it.
My former mentor in this business taught me some valuable lessons and lived out those lessons on a daily basis in front of me. What I saw him doing on a consistent basis was communicating effectively with customers that didn’t have experience in our industry.
He taught me how important it was to consider not only the feelings of our customer but their level of understanding of what work we do for them. Roofing may not be rocket surgery but when you’re paying for something and a lot for it you want to make sure you understand it.
Although our customers might not be on the roof doing the job with us they are heavily invested and intellectually able to understand more than sometimes we give our customers credit. Talking about all the different components that bring a roof together can be a little bit overwhelming to someone that’s not been in the construction industry before.
However, because of some good mentoring that I had early in my career I found ways to emulate and copy exactly the type of communication that works well with customers when it comes to explaining concepts and our industry to them.
The average roof here in Texas can be between 15 and 40,000. That’s just the average cost based on numbers that have been shared from the housing and urban development from Washington DC. If you’re spending between $15,000 and 40, 000 dollars you want to make sure you’re getting the best quality at the best price you possibly can.
As I have mentioned communication with the roofer that you choose is important. Not just that you can communicate to him effectively but they can essentially affectively communicate to you the work that they’re going to be doing.
Sometimes this just comes down to chemistry and a connection. I can’t always explain why some people just click and others don’t but sometimes you find a person that just makes you feel comfortable and the idea of working with them just seems right.
I always tell people to trust their gut. Of course Ronald Reagan is well known for his saying trust and verify. Not a bad idea how do we do that? Google reviews is a great place to start but also just contacting previous people that the roofer has worked for in order to get a very good feeling about the type of work and where they have performed it.
If you’re experiencing problems with your roof when you call a professional roofer you want to have someone that can do a thorough inspection that finds the problem that you’re experiencing.
finding the type of professional that’s not lazy and one that’s willing to get into your attic and onto your roof to inspect every square inch is important. Once you found a roofer that you feel comfortable with it’s important to do some of those follow-up things that I had mentioned previously my contacting some of the people that they’ve done work for in the past.
Having a roofing professional that understands how to estimate correctly is the difference between you potentially paying thousands of dollars more or the right price for the work you’re having done.
Use some of these examples I’ve given you today to find the type of roofing company or professional that you’re looking for so you don’t have any regrets.
If you’re in need of a free roofing estimate or a roofing inspection, we’re happy to be here to help. Give us a call today for that free no-obligation roof inspection and we look forward to being your future roofing company of choice