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Commercial Roofing Installation

​We are one of San Antonio’s leading roofing companies when it comes to installing commercial roofing applications. Our reputation was built to what it is today by charging exceptionally fair prices, doing outstanding work and also by providing great customer service every step of the way. You will get nothing less if you contract with us to put a great looking new roof on your business’s next building project.

It does not matter if you want asphalt shingles put on a small steep pitched roof or you need a new flat roof surface put on a large warehouse; our skilled roofing technicians are well trained and experienced to handle any type of commercial roofing applications. There is no such thing as a roof installation that is too big or too small for us to handle. Best of all we do not consider any roofing installation job we do as complete until you are fully satisfied with it too.


Low Sloped/Flat Roof Installations
​Low sloped or flat roof installations consist of three main layers. The most important part is the weatherproofing layer of course but there is also a reinforcing layer that gives the roofing surface added strength and resistance to punctures; and a surface layer that is meant to help the roof fight off the effects of weather and foot traffic. Our skilled roofing technicians are excellent at installing each layer of protection to ensure you have a commercial roof that will last you for a very long time.

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Low Sloped/Flat Roof Application Types:

  • Built-up Roof (BUR) Membranes

These types of commercial roofs have been in used in the USA for well over one hundred years. They are more commonly recognized as being called ‘Hot Tar and Gravel’ roofs. They are affordably priced and hold up fairly well for the money that is spent on them. The asphalt or coal tar layer makes them water proof and the gravel gives them strength and weather resistance.

  • Polymer-Modified Bitumen Sheet Membranes

These too are asphalt based but they are laid down in sheets instead of being applied. They can be adhered with a self-adhesive backing or by applying heat such as that supplied by a torch. The finished product of these has either a rubberized or plastic feel to it.

  • Single-Ply Membranes

These will be either Thermoset membranes such as EPDM’s (rubber roofs) or Thermoplastic membranes such as PVC or TPO. Either of which are a great way to coat any low slope or flat commercial roof. These are factory manufactured rolls or sheets of material that go on easily and usually do not require any ballast such as rock to be put over them.

  • Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roofing Systems

These use a two component spray foam when being applied to a roof. They can even be layered up in spots to provide slope. The finished coat over the spray foam is usually an elastomeric coating to provide strength and protection over the foam layer.

  • Metal Panel Low-Slope Applications

These are long metal panels that either are big enough to span across joints or are laid over another type of roofing surface such as wood. Felt paper is usually applied as an underlayment for Low-slope metal panels. They have to be sealed where they are put together at the seams. 

Steep Sloped Roofing Installations

​These are very similar to the types of roof coverings that you will see on residential buildings too. Our technicians are highly skilled at installing all of the following types of steep sloped roofs.

  • Asphalt and Dimensional Shingles

This type of roof covering is one of the most popular across the country on residential roofs and is also used extensively on commercial roofs too. The reason for the popularity of this type of roofing installation is its low cost for materials and the ease of installation.
Dimensional shingles take asphalt shingles looks to a higher level by adding patterns that mimic more expensive type of shingles. They will greatly enhance the looks of any business whose roof they are applied to.

  • Clay Tile And Concrete Tile

These can make a really nice looking roof and are seen on top of many businesses to help give them a distinct look. These interlocking tiles are not the lowest cost roofing alternative but the looks of the finished product often justify their cost.

  • Metal Steep-Slope Roofing Applications

These types of roofs are fast gaining popularity across Texas and other parts of the country because of their weather resistance, strength and durability. They look great and many times will last the lifetime of your home.

  • Metal/Aluminum Tiles

This is fairly new type of roof covering. It combines the attractive look of dimensional shingle with increased durability.

  • Slate

There are few roof coverings that are as durable and look as good as slate. Natural slate can be split along the grain and it can be found in styles that will weather or stay similar in color to what they are when purchased.

  • Wood Shake And Wood Shingles

Wood shingles and wood shake shingles are some of the oldest roof coverings that can be found. They are moderately priced and are great at giving any building a historic or rustic look to it.

  • Synthetic Shingles

These combine the looks of natural wood and other types of shingles with the strength and durability gained through the use of synthetic materials.
No matter what type of roof you have or what material you choose for the surface on your commercial property’s roof; we will put it down using the most up to date methods and latest equipment to ensure that you get a high quality job done on your new commercial roof installation project.
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​​If there is one thing that our many years of roofing experience has taught us it’s that the little things we do count. That is why when we install a new roof for you we pay attention to even the smallest of details. That way our roofing installations come out perfect time and time again. Your job will be no different as we will do everything in our power to make your roofing installation project look great and hold up well for many years to come.

So call us to get a free quote on what it would take to get your new commercial roof installed by one of the most reputable and sought after San Antonio roofing contractors.
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