Hi my name is Dale Denhart and I’ve been in the roofing industry for 25 years.  I hope to bring a few ideas into focus with putting my years of experience down in writing to benefit other homeowners and business owners here in the Texas area.

All too often when getting a roof replaced we’re just concerned about getting it done quickly and is cheaply as possible without considering what materials to use.
In other words what I often see with customers and their choices has typically been them replacing a product with the exact same product. But considering which product to replace a roof with is a worthwhile endeavor as it could end up helping you potentially save money over time.
At this point most people think I’m advocating purchasing the most expensive roofing material possible which would be something like tile slate roofing or a metal roof that is a heavy gauge. However, that is not particularly what I am advocating.
Depending on how long you plan on staying at a particular location could be part of the equation when figuring out exactly the type of material you would like to use. For example we regularly have storms here in Texas that include large hail and damaging winds with that consideration in mind you may want to consider a less expensive asphalt roof for a replacement. I’ve had customers have very expensive tile and slate roofs that they opted for a cheaper replacement because of the amount of time that they were planning on spending at this particular residence. their trajectory for leaving the property was less than a couple of years and so replacing the roof with expensive roofing materials was not their number one priority knowing that we get large damaging storms here in Texas.
However, the exact opposite strategy could be used as well when considering the roofing material just depending on what your situation is. Some other customers with asphalt roofs decided to get a more expensive metal roof to give their house extra curb appeal. Although I would agree that metal roofing certainly adds a curb appeal that is beneficial I wouldn’t necessarily say it adds more value to your home. In other words when it comes down to negotiating the price with whoever is going to purchase your home it’s difficult to add an additional 50 60 70 or $80,000 onto a price just simply because you have a nicer roof. Other amenities like bathrooms upgraded kitchens or extra bedrooms typically hold much more value when it comes to that type of negotiation.
Having an earnest discussion with a roofing professional about what materials to consider is a real decision that I would highly consider you having. All too often as I have mentioned people are more considering just replacing the roof with the material that’s currently on it. Consider all of your options and contact a roofing professional here in Texas today that you trust. If you’re still looking for that trusted roofing professional consider giving us a call for no hassle free roofing estimate