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Asbestos Roofing in San Antonio, TX At this point most people are well aware of the risks of asbestos. It is a major carcinogen when it is being inhaled as a dust, and this is the real reason that property and home owners are very desperate to test and inspect for its presence. Before anybody can properly undertake an asbestos abatement program safely removing it from walls, duct work, pipes, and ceilings they must first have the structure reviewed.

Asbestos can bring about health issues. Perhaps the two most critical are mesothelioma and lung fibrosis disease. Mesothelioma is a cancer that has been associated with exposure to asbestos. Though costs will differ dramatically based on the size of the building and the scope of the specific project.

How to figure out if asbestos is in your home

Asbestos was mostly used in building materials all through the 1900’s. Use has decreased significantly since the 1970’s however there are many materials in production today that contain asbestos. On the off chance that your home was built prior to 2003, there is a high potential that asbestos-containing materials were used as part of its construction.

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Methods of Identifying Asbestos Materials

One strategy for recognizing asbestos in materials is visual assessment. But, it is not accurate unless the material is clearly labeled. The best way to distinguish the deadly substance is to hire an expert qualified to identify the type of asbestos in the roof and plan for any disposal and removal procedure.

Another method is sampling and testing. An expert will take a part of the roof as a sample for a thorough investigation. This part is likely the most dangerous as there is a higher possibility of breathing it in. This is because the asbestos has already been disturbed and the fibers discharged to the air. Therefore, a professional is equipped with the suitable gear to prevent any inhalation. That is why individuals are discouraged from taking samples on their own. A professional will also be able to identify bonded or non-friable asbestos and abandon it as it seemed to be, undisturbed.

Significant Health Effects

Asbestiosis. It is a serious, progressive, long-term non-cancer lung disease.
Lung Cancer. This is a dangerous tumor that attacks and obstructs the lung’s air passages. Cigarette smoking enormously improves the likelihood of a person developing lung cancer as the result of asbestos exposure.

Mesothelioma. is a rare cancer which may affect the lining of the lings (plura) or the abdominal contents peritoneum. Most mesotheliomas are caused by exposure to asbestos.

Cancers Studies of asbestos workers suggest that asbestos exposure might be associated with gastrointestinal (stomach and esophagus) and  (rectum and colon) cancers. The evidence is CLEAR.

We strongly recommend against repairing or removing asbestos-containing materials yourself. Removing asbestos properly requires special equipment and detailed training. An individual could cause asbestos fiber contamination throughout your home and neighborhood, exposing your family and others unknowingly.
We recommend you hire a licensed asbestos abatement contractor to ensure that the work is done properly.

However, the regulations allow for you to repair or remove asbestos in a house that you own and live in. If you do your own asbestos removal work, you are responsible for following all handling, transport and disposal regulations. Asbestos-containing waste requires special handling and disposal and must be disposed of at a landfill permitted to accept asbestos waste.

Hiring the right contractor like McGraw Property Solutions to Insure the requirements of asbestos removal program are met.
Make sure the contractor you hire appears on list of Licensed Asbestos Abatement Contractors. Hiring a licensed contractor ensures they have the knowledge to properly remove asbestos-containing materials, use safety equipment, have received specialized training, and their employees and supervisors are certified.
The following is not required, but would give you added certainty that a contractor is capable of conducting an asbestos abatement project appropriately:

  • List of all equipment or tools that will be used for asbestos work. That list should include negative air machines, disposable clothing scaffolding, type of respiration equipment they will use, HEPA vacuums, and decontamination facilities.
  • Air sampling results from past projects.
  • References from past customers.

There are numerous rules and regulations associated with asbestos evacuation in residential and business buildings which vary by city and state. Never remove a suspected or affirmed asbestos containing material without consulting a authorized asbestos professional who is acquainted with the regulations applicable.
Asbestos expert can conduct home inspections, take samples of any suspected material, evaluate its condition, and advise about what corrections are required and who is qualified to make these rectifications. Once again, material in good condition need not be examined unless it is likely to be disturbed
Asbestos removal Methods. .
Asbestos removal in San Antonio, Texas

Removing asbestos could be an extended and risky job. Asbestos exposure is commonly known to trigger mesothelioma and asbestosis; deadly and debilitating diseases. In fact, a small amount of exposure can be harmful. That is why, asbestos removal in San Antonio, Texas, requires appropriate safety equipment as well as proper knowledge of how to remove asbestos completely. In most of the cases, it is suggested to hire a licensed asbestos removal firm or expert.

Why Asbestos Removal is Important

In the states as well as in other nations, asbestos is common in homes as well as in public structures that were built before 1980s. In a few regions, it is still being used. When asbestos is found in materials which are used for construction, there is a threat that these materials weaken over time, and asbestos fibers might be discharged into the air. Removing asbestos is crucial for all homeowners, because breathing in these fibers is dangerous for health. Inhaling asbestos fibers might lead to certain health issues and diseases. This is why, asbestos removal is important.

There are a few approaches to manage asbestos. For asbestos removal, the first thing that should be determined is the way or method of removal. Now, this depends on the condition of the materials as well as the sort of asbestos containing material, and how much asbestos needs to be eliminated. At this stage, it is wise to work with a reputed asbestos expert or contractor to know the best asbestos removal method, even if you want to the work on your own.
Complete Asbestos Removal

While it might seem different, complete asbestos removal is the most risky way of working with the material. This is due to the high release of asbestos fibers into the air. Because of this risk, complete asbestos removal is a final and the last option.


In a lot of cases, it might be possible to repair materials that are incorporated with asbestos. However, repair is also riskier. And, if the damage is intense, trying repair might just delay solving the issue, because at some time complete asbestos removal is likely to be required. In such cases, complete removal is better than the asbestos repair.
Enclosure and Encapsulation

If removal is not required, then there are two options to handle asbestos safely: Enclosure and encapsulation. Encapsulating asbestos intends to coat it in an “acrylic containing” sealant that blocks asbestos fibres, and stops them releasing into the air. “Enclosure” is the final option which means covering or wrapping the materials in order to trap airborne fibres.

Bottom Line

No matter which method is used, safety precautions must be taken. Asbestos experts are usually occupied with a particular type of respirator, protective clothing, and essential equipment. Warning signs are also required if the project is large. Always consult a professional before starting the asbestos removal project.​