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Adverse weather conditions and other attributes result in lowering down the underlayment of the roofing work, and it begins to deteriorate. Therefore we at Tile Roofing Company of San Antonio are offering quality service at a low price to handle all your roofing repairs. A perfect roof condition will keep you and your possessions dry and safe from outside weather problems. Starting from minor fixes to complex repairs, we offer almost all sorts of help to our clients and customers in San Antonio. San Antonio Local Roofing Contractors Specializing in the Replacement of Tile Roofs and Metal Roofs Texas 

San Antonio Metal Roofing
​NOT JUST TILE….Find out.

Is your San Antonio roof in need of repair or total replacement? Maybe you are building a new home or commercial property and are looking for a roofing specialist to put on the new roof for you? Well if one of these is the case and you are looking for an experienced, reputable and reliable San Antonion roofing contractor, then you have come to the right place. We have worked hard to become one of the area’s most versatile and skilled roofing companies and we would very much like to add you to our long list of satisfied customers. They love our products like GFA, and GFA roofing materials that last a life time.

There is no such thing as a roofing job that is too big or too small for us to do. We can handle anything from putting new asphalt shingles on a small residential home to re-roofing the largest low-slope roof on a business. We emphasise customer satisfaction from the minute you first contact us on the phone all the way through to the finish of the project we are doing for you. Roofing Contractors Near me

It all starts with an accurate and totally free estimate that will be as competitively priced as any bids you will receive. Once you agree to the estimate price our highly skilled technicians will get to work using the finest roofing products and latest equipment to complete your roofing repair or new installation. Best of all we do not consider any roofing job completed until you are 100% satisfied with the work that has been done.

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Importance of Roof Repairs

Our team of professionals put the focus on the factors that affect the roof of a house adversely. There is a lot of things that a roof of the house deals with throughout the year. The wear and tear of the roof is very natural over time. But the thing that matters is the quality of work. Our team not only goes for repairs but also does complete roofing renovation works. Our work gives you a surety of longevity of the roofing works. We assure you of no need for roofing replacements for a long tenure.

The roofs get weak due to experiencing alternate temperatures every day. Therefore you need to go for a thorough inspection from our professional team to give you an idea of the level of damage. The right kind of inspection will help you get an idea about replacing the roof structure or go for a simple maintenance job. If the damage condition is minimal, we can help you get the roof back to working order, but when it comes to significant cases; it is our advice to take up a full roof replacement job in San Antonio.

Tile Roofing Company gives you immediate help to all your problems and queries. Sometimes, it might be difficult for you to understand the symptoms of roof damage. Contact our team to help you out with the right kind of tools and measures for identifying the damage level and then proceed with ample solutions with the permission of the house owners. You can call us in for a survey of your roof or book a complete replacement. We will start the work immediately on your given dates. The quality of our work and the dedication of our team make us the best company for roof repairs in San Antonio.

Signs that trigger the need for roof repair
Here are some of the conditions that you will notice at times if your roof is starting to deteriorate. IF you see any of these conditions, then give us a call right away, and we will be there for your help.

    • Roof tiles are cracked or curled- The curled and cracked tiles of the roof are indicating that the efficiency of them is about to extinct. They are not feasible for handling weather hazards anymore. So, if you find such condition, then before the monsoon arrives, get your roof repairs or replacement done by Roofing Company in San Antonio. 
    • Wet Roof Tiles- If you are living in the moist areas of San Antonio, then your roof tiles are catching more moisture than other regions. The sticking of moisture on the roof tiles or shingles indicates that their potential of preventing moisture from affecting them is now over. The wet roof tiles can affect the underlayment soon. So, it is better to contact our team to get it repaired as quickly as possible. 
    • Damages around the roof openings- The roof is comprised of few vents, pipes, and chimney outlets. These are also the loopholes of the roof that initiates the deterioration process. Our team of professional roof repairs in San Antonio will precisely look around these corners to commence with the fixes. 
    • Sign of staining on the interiors- If you find staining marks on the interior walls and ceilings, that means the roof is compromised, and there is water leakage. It might be the indication that the underlayment of the roof is damaged.

Local Roof Repair service San Antonio


​Asphalt roofing contractors near Tx, ​By far the most popular roofing surface in San Antonio and the surrounding Texas communities is Asphalt Shingles. Although they are known for being the least expensive and easiest type of roof to install, you don’t want just any roofing company repairing or installing this type of roofing material for you. Our expert roofers have many years of experience under their belts working with this popular roofing material and we love to use quality products like GFA, and all the GFA roofing products they offer.

If you are installing a new asphalt shingled roof or your old one needs to be replaced then we also urge you to consider using ‘DIMENSIONAL ASPHALT SHINGLES’ for the job. They are only slightly more expensive than regular asphalt shingles yet they are more durable and mimic the looks of much more expensive roof coverings.

Free Roof Inspection San Antonio

Although our skilled technicians are excellent at doing asphalt shingles and all types of commercial and residential roofing repairs and installations, there are a few roof coverings that we feel we can install or repair as good as or better than anyone in the San Antonio area. These include:

  • Raise Seam Metal Roofing

These amazing roofs make some of the best looking and most durable roof coverings that you will find. The raised seam technology keeps the area where they are sealed well above the water runoff surface for maximum leak protection. They also tend to reflect the sun’s rays so the inside of your home stays cooler and you will in turn save significant money on your air conditioning bill. Whether it is a metal roof repair you need or a complete new installation, we excel at working with these types of roofs.

  • Metal/ Aluminum Shingles

Roofing contractors company in san antonio providing, Instead of doing a new or existing roof with standard asphalt shingles maybe it’s better to get the best of both higher and lower cost roof coverings by using metal/aluminum shingles. They are not quite as expensive as metal roofing but you get similar good looks and durability to metal roofs when using these.

  • Clay And Concrete Tile

Working with clay and concrete cast tiles is more of an art form than it is your typical sweat and bull work roofing job. These great looking all natural tiles need to be set down just right in order to have the job come out looking great. Our roofing technicians always take as much time as necessary to get them looking perfect when working with clay or concrete tiles

  • Other Roof Coverings

​We are also very good at doing other types of roofing repairs and installations too, these include working with:

  • Wood Shake or Wood Shingles
  • Slate
  • Synthetic Roofing Tiles

Different Roofing Solutions available 

1. Residential Roofing
We offer residential roofing solutions to our clients and customers because we believe that a well-constructed house is a sound investment for a lifetime. The residential roofs require a different type of treatment than commercial properties. Our team of experts comprises of technicians, roof designers, and other individuals with diverse expertise to look after the repair, replacement, or installation needs for your residential roof. Roofing Company deals in all types of residential roofs that include metal or asphalt type of roofs. We request you to allow us to help you out with our diversified skills and technology.

Our residential roofing service will add immense value to your property. It will eventually add more selling price, in case you are moving to a different town or country. Quality is always remarkable and recognized in the market, and Roofing Company believes in that motto. With the right kind of maintenance and repair work, the foundation of the house remains strong, giving you a magnificent roof to admire. 

Tile Roofing Company offers free inspection for your tile roofing works in San Antonio. We do not charge a penny for your house inspection. We will send our best team to inspect your house and give you an estimate about the cost of repair, replacement or installation. They will guide you with all the possible options that can be done for your residential roofing repairs. You can take your time to decide and then give us a call back whenever you feel like you have come to a decision. Our paid works will commence after you give us your final decision to begin the works. 

Our cost of services is minimal as compared to local roof repair hubs. We are equipped with all the modern tools and equipment necessary for complex roof repairs. We understand your budget, and therefore we will give you a specific solution within that without compromising on quality even for a bit. Our professional residential roofing experts keep track of fulfilling all the quality standards, zoning requirements, building codes, safety quotient, and others. 

2. Commercial Roofing
If you are running industry for a long time, then you need to make sure that your commercial establishments are perfect or at least in good condition. The tile roofing services in San Antonio by Roofing Company also offers help to the commercial sectors. For the people who are running big businesses are also under the risk of experiencing downtime due to unwanted roofing problems. You are the owner of your industry, and bearing the loss due to these problems is not at all acceptable. Therefore, Roofing Company brings you the best-in-class quality commercial roofing solutions to ensure security and durability to your commercial work building. 

We take up small and big projects associated with commercial roofing. We are business partners with top producer companies of roofing products, especially for commercial roofing solutions. Our skills and expertise help us deliver quality in every project we take. We have a strong reputation amongst our clients in aspects of commercial roofing projects. Our service guarantee assures the clients of our work quality, and it eventually builds mutual trust and bond. 

Not only that, but we are also certified commercial roofing solution providers in San Antonio. We have certification from top authorities that makes our services appraised by all across the globe. 

Our commercial work projects also include repairing ply membrane roofs by implementing a retrofitting method for installation. Our team will study your property and give you the right options suitable for you. A waterproof coating is also given after the completion of the roof repair job. It is essential to protect the roof from adverse weather conditions to maintain its durability for a long time. Our team of experts will take proper care of eradicating the weather materials from affecting your commercial roof. 

Roofing Company also makes use of top-class materials mainly for commercial properties. The needs of materials vary in case of commercial projects than of residential. Therefore we make sure to use good quality materials for repair or replacement work on the commercial roofs. 

3. Metal Roofing
Are you bored of getting your normal roofs repaired all the time? It is high time you must renovate them with metal roofing. Roofing Company offers you complete metal roofing solutions at a reasonable price estimate. If you wish to enjoy money savings by cutting the energy costs, then metal roofing is the best solution to opt for. We ensures excellent durability, energy-saving, longer-life, and many more benefits out of metal roofing replacements. 

It is evident that the metal roofing costs more than that of standard tile roofing in San Antonio. But it ensures long term monetary savings in the form of less maintenance and high energy savings. Moreover, the metal roofing adds better resale value to your residential property, and it even does not deteriorate over time. Metal roofing is entirely recyclable, which makes it feasible for the environment as well. Contact us today for a free inspection and price estimate for installing metal roofing on your property. 

4. Roof Replacement
The team of Tile  Roofing Company also takes up projects for entire roof replacement. In fact, our team is leading the market in the sector of roof replacement. We are the masters in the field, and our services are being appraised for over a decade now. The entire process begins by sitting down with the client and discussing about the needs and requirements of them. We completely understand your budget, and we will talk about the type and other essentials for your tile roofing in San Antonio. You can seek to replace your entire roof in case of any natural calamity damage or just to get a better aesthetic appeal. Roofing Company executives can also help you claim for insurance to help you get the work done at the minimal cost possible. 

Our choice of materials is very diverse as we pick only quality goods essential for the roof replacement work. We are partners with many reputed companies that manufacture the best roofing materials. You just need to convey to us your requirements, and we will take care of all the rest. Not only that, but we will also offer you a free annual inspection as per the warranty. We will check for any minor repair necessity or any weather damage. We offer you a minimum of 10 years warranty on our roof replacement works. 

5. Roof Leak repairs
Every residential property faces this issue one day or the other due to poor quality of roofing during construction. Hire the services of Tile Roofing Company to get rid of leaky roofs at once. If you see a corner of your roof leaking water droplets, then you must immediately call us for inspection. It is so because small water damage on the roof can be fixed with minimum replacements. But if the damage grows, then the cost of repairing will eventually increase, and you might also need a complete replacement. 

Some of the major causes that cause roof damage and lead to water leakage are hails, molds, and other structural damage. Do not worry as Roofing Company is here with the best immediate solutions to help you get your roof fixed. The water leakage from the roof can also damage other essentials in your property, like your walls or furniture. Therefore an immediate repair will save you from more hassles. Our Roof Leak repair cost is very minimal and varies depending upon the repair complexity. The professional team of experts will be equipped with all the latest tools and equipment essential for fixing roof leakage. 

You are just a call away to schedule the appointment for inspection. Our expert will visit your place and will inspect all the loose corners of your house, where your roof is leaking. The inspection team will also require going on the other side to check the condition of the roof tiles. After a thorough inspection, the expert will give you a few options for different solutions. Roof leakage fixes are not that big a deal in the initial phase so that it can be easily repaired.

Roof Replacement San Antonio

​Is the roof on your San Antonio home or place of business starting to look old and worn? Maybe you are seeing your local roof repair person show up at your house more often than your friends. If those repairs are starting to add up then maybe it’s time to consider a total roof replacement. We can handle everything from repairing structural problems to putting down new underlayment. After that is done we’ll finish the job with one of the many quality roof coverings we offer.

Professionals Roofing Service 

Since long back, Roofing Company has been the most profound company for tile roofing in San Antonio. Our teams of professionals are reputed for both commercial as well as residential sectors. The Tile Roofing Company has a separate team for roof repair works, roof installation, roof replacement, and other such services essential for residential homes of office spaces. We are here in this business for over a decade now and are looking forward to making new implementations to bring out better productive results. The Roofing Company has the best team of experts on the ground to inspect and recommend the right repair or replacement methodology for your tile roofing in San Antonio. 

By hiring the professionals of  Roofing Company, you will not experience any hassles of walking down the lane to visit the office. Give a call, and a Tile roofing expert from Stripe  roofing will get in touch with you to fix the date for surveying your property. If you want, you can get an estimate right away to be mentally prepared for the entire tile roofing expense. To add more to the benefits, we trust the work of our professionals on your tile roofing needs. Therefore, we give up to 30 years of warranty for the tile roofing work done by us. We believe that it is the healthiest way to build a good rapport with our clients and win their trust. We just don’t speak quality, but we deliver it. 

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Commercial Roof Repairs​ san antonio

​It takes a special roofing contractor to be able to install and repair flat or near flat roofs and we quite frankly are among the best at it. Take a look at all the different types of Low-slope roofing surfaces we can install, replace or repair:

  • Built-up Roof (BUR) Membranes
  • Polymer-Modified Bitumen Sheet Membranes
  • Single-Ply Membranes
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roofing Systems
  • Metal Panel Low-Slope Applications

Emergency Roof Repair San Antonio

​​Storms in this part of Texas have a way of coming on fast and coming on strong. Many times this means that your roof will take a beating from such things as high winds and blowing branches. If your roof has been damaged because of this then we are here to help. We will get to your home as quickly as possible to make the necessary repairs before any more damage is done. We will provide you with a detailed estimate before starting the work and if the repair cannot be done right away we will secure your roof until the proper materials arrive. We will even work with your insurance company to make sure your emergency roof repair gets done without cutting any corners. 
It does not matter whether you need your roof repaired, a new roof installed or a total roof replacement; we have the skilled personnel and knowledge to handle any residential or commercial roofing project for you. We handle each and every customer with courtesy and respect and also pride ourselves on doing quality work that is finished on schedule. It is this type of commitment that has made us one of the most sought after roofing repair and installation specialists in San Antonio, Texas.
Give us a call the next time your San Antonio area home or business needs a new roof or roof repair so you know the job will get done on time and get done right.
There are many different types of san antonio metal roofing panels but what you really want are standing seam metal roof panels. These panels are usually made of coated galvanized steel, alloy coated steel (zinc/aluminum) or painted aluminum which helps them last for a long time.

What sets these panels apart from ordinary metal roof panels is that the seams where each panel connects together are raised 2” – 3” above the flat surface that carries the water off the roof. Even if the seam between two panels should somehow fail (which is extremely rare) the panels still will not leak much because they are above the water runoff level. The standing seam on each metal panel, which runs from the peak all the way to the gutter, also gives these panels their very unique and decorative look.

The panels are usually between 12” – 19” wide which makes them very easy to handle and install. Also, the pitch of any roof they go on will need to be 14 degrees (3:12) or steeper in order for them to work properly. They can be applied to almost any steep roof regardless of the contours on that roof.

Why Choose a Standing Seam Metal Roof over Others?

​We have already mentioned that standing seam metal roofs are great because they are fastened together above where the water is carried off the roof but that is not the only advantage these well designed steel roofing panels offer. They have a whole bunch of other great qualities too.

  • Durability

It’s a pretty good bet that if you own a home with asphalt shingles you will replace this type of roof covering more than once if you own your home long enough. That is not the case with raised metal roof coverings. Many times they will be the last roof covering you will ever need to put on. They are not impacted by the brutal heat from the hot Texas sun like asphalt roofing material is because they are much more resistant to the expansion and contraction cycles that your roof goes through every day.
Raised seam metal roofs also do not puncture easily either; so those sudden and sometimes nasty San Antonio storms do not affect them nearly as much as they do asphalt shingles.

  • Aesthetics

It does not matter how good you wash and wax your car; it will not look good if the tires on it do not shine too. The same goes for your home’s exterior if the roof on it does not look good. Your roof is one of the first things people notice as they approach your home from a distance. The bright, shiny and symmetrical raised seam metal look enhances the looks of any home they are covering and helps make your home ‘stand out’ when others first see it.
Raised seam metal roofs come in a wide variety of color choices too. Chances are there is a color or style that will give your home exactly the look you were hoping for. They not only look great but it will also add value to your home if you ever go to sell it too.

  • It’s the ‘Green’ and ‘Money Saving’ Roofing alternative

Another excellent reason to add a raised metal seam roof covering to your home is that they have energy savings benefits. They tend to reflect heat as opposed to absorbing it like other roofing materials do. This means less of the suns warming rays raise the temperature inside your home and you spend less money trying to cool it Over a year’s time the money saved on cooling your home can be very significant.

There are homeowners in the San Antonio area that tend to shy away from purchasing metal roof coverings because of their high initial cost but they will actually help pay for themselves with their energy saving benefits.
One of the ‘green’ qualities that people really like about these roofing panels is that they are very environmentally friendly when their useful life is up too. Almost 100% of every roofing panel is recyclable. 

Asphalt Shingled Roofs Are Good But Metal Ones Are Much Better

Are we knocking asphalt roofing shingles? Absolutely not. They are a good product and there is a reason they are found on so many homes. It is also a fact that installing a new metal roof is out of some people’s budget range or simply not a consideration when less expensive and adequate alternatives such as asphalt shingles are available.

As a matter of fact, there is rarely a work day that goes by that we do not install or repair an asphalt shingled roof. We are merely trying to point out that if you spend a little bit more money there are other roofing solutions that will greatly enhance the looks of your home and hold up much longer before needing to be replaced.
Simply put; it is hard to beat installing a roof covering that looks great, is very durable and will actually help pay for itself with energy savings over time.

If you are getting ready to install or repair the roof on your San Antonio home or business, then there are many good reasons to consider using raised seam metal roofing panels to do it the next time. So give us a call today to have us come out to your home or business to give you a free estimate to install a durable and great looking ‘raised seam’ metal roof for you.
We have been very busy recently helping our neighbors put on roofs they didn’t expect to replace.

Perfectly good roofs in some cases  6 months old completely destroyed by hail.

In some cases 1% of the total insured home value is a large sum of money for families to come up with unexpectedly.

Real life bills, like car payments, Verizon bills, and just trying to keep groceries on the table need to be your priority. It Can become overwhelming.

It’s okay, because we are here to help you through this challenging time and complicated back and forth dealing with your insurance company.

BUT, you must reach out to us FIRST in order to get the most favorable result for you and your family.


To avoid the unnecessary back and forth delay that happens when you don’t get paid out right for your claim. 

Insurance adjusters have ascended on our local community to deal with the massive amounts of claims. 

We have started noticing some patterns of underpayment on claims…….
In most cases homeowners are somewhat pleased with the level of service and Care their insurance companies give them………….

However, we know of The Other Stories the ones that your next-door neighbor would never want to admit to.

In one case a man was offered $10,000 for a metal roof, while his next-door neighbor was given $66,000 for the same exact damage……Same insurance company. The only difference was us. He decided to go alone at it, while the other guy was willing to listen and  ask us to help him through the insurance process.

If you are looking for more than a roofing contractor and partner, we are your first choice when it comes to getting your insurance claim adjusted correctly.

Meaning, we get you paid for what you lost. When a roofing company comes to your house and looks at your roof they are looking at your roof. When we come to your house we look at the total narrative and the Damage that took place not only on the roof but on the gutters, the plank or vinyl siding, the garage door, and every accessory that your home has and is insured for.

As you know, ​San Antonio has been experiencing ever increasingly large hail storms.
The last two we’ve had this year seems to prove the point that we’re moving towards some serious climate change.

The large military retirement community we have in San Antonio seem to value maintenance-free metal roofing for its rugged durability yet elegant design. 

The large military customer base we have in San Antonio have traveled throughout the world no doubt experiencing different climates and weather patterns.

Our metal roofing technology can stand the test and rigors of all weather.
If you are looking for a maintenance free lifestyle raised seam metal roof is certainly a great option.

Neighbors and friends replacing roofs this year after the large hail storm had  tab asphalt and even high upgrade 50 year asphalt systems.

The only questions our customers ask after the hailstorm was………………
We didn’t hear from them!

The truth about metal maintenance free Roofing is it is a superior technology. No matter if you’re considering a raised roof 24 gauge hardened metal or an amazing traditional terracotta style lightweight aluminum design.

We have something for everyone’s budget….. of course, we understand that the cost of a high quality metal roof might be out of some people’s budget. Or, perhaps you just like a dimensional shingle or a standard 3 tab for your home or a rental property. 

We are more than happy to share with you our Certain Teed high quality 3 tab shingle and customer guarantee on workmanship and quality. However, If you’re looking make your house a home. As well as give it the curb appeal and pop that makes you feel great about coming home.Then don’t delay, contact us to see the  amazing technological advances that we have made with light weight aluminum roofing. Enjoy solar panel technology elegantly laced into your roofing system. Choose from a range of metals and colors that will delight and complement your home like no one else. Efficient light reflective Roofing that gets you off the grid and saves you on cooling cost. Put money in your pocket starting day one.
Roofing Contractors in San Antonio
Roofing contractors company of San Antonio believes it covers the gamut of different services and products with excellence and pride.

We believe that we are just a little bit better than our competition in our diversity and ability to service our customers needs. Although Cloud Roofing no doubt employs some of the same local Craftsmen that we do we believe it is our process that helps us get the edge.

Not only knowing the product but knowing what our customers need and what has helped us head out a particular market that we enjoy here in San Antonio. Again cloud Roofing Roofing no doubt a local company just like us and we have nothing but respect for companies like this, no harm no foul we just believe that we will work harder every single day to gain your trust confidence and your business. The tile roofing company of San Antonio has been providing excellent service from the day it opened. Try us today and find out the difference.

​Barrier Roof Systems is an excellent choice when it comes to choosing a local roofing contractor, someone to do a simple repair on a roof. No doubt you need excellent local craftsmen just like us.  However, we here at tile Roofing of San Antonio believe we do it just a little bit better.

When it comes to taking care of our customers we want to give absolute top-notch customer service. Barrier Roof Systems has a very similar ethic. And I’m sure they have serviced several customers in the local market and made them happy. Again, we just feel that tile roofing of San Antonio’s best quality is loving on our customers and growing our business by taking care of the ones in front of us right now.

​When you contact us for a roofing inspection or a roofing repair or replacement you know that you’re getting high-level Top Notch quality local Craftsmen to accomplish the one thing that you care most about the roof over your family’s head. Roof Repair near me

Why Choose San Antonio Roofing Company?

Roofing Company has marked its impression wide clear in the regions of San Antonio. We are delivering quality service for years with several clients and customers. We manage to create a positive word of mouth amongst our customers to promote our quality works. For the top-notch quality of roofing solutions, we are the one-stop hub to solve all your roofing problems. We have a 100% customer satisfaction record as there are no obligations or countermeasures that occurred after our touch on the roofing repair jobs for the homeowners in the region of San Antonio. We prefer to sit with our clients to discuss their needs and requirements before we commence with the replacement work.
So, contact Tile Roofing Company today and get a reasonable price estimate for your roof repairs in San Antonio.